Canada Corners

Plan to Bulldoze the Open Space

The Residential lot was dedicated to Open Space in 1979

On August 5, 2022, a plan was submitted to the Woodside Planning Department to bulldoze the Open Space and build an additional 35 parking places. This would allow a massive expansion of the Bakery and cause more traffic and congestion in our country town.  The Town is the owner of the Open Space easement and has not approved sacrificing it yet. There are a number of documents that we received from the Sage Schaan, the Deputy Planning Director that are public and shown below the maps.


The Town should not abandon the Open Space Easement


The following is in the text of the Open Space Easement document that George Roberts signed in 1979.  The easement was assigned to the Town in perpetuity.  The Town must obey the California Code regarding abandoning an Open Space Easement as per the code mentioned below..



The below findings must be approved by the Town Council .

It is our belief that they can not be legally found, but we can not be sure.




Bulldoze and parking plan in the application



Below are other pictures of the application and links to a full resolution  picture to see more detail

Click for Full Res image of Site Plan Overview
Click for Full Res image of Site Plan Detail
Click for Full Res image of Site Plan Parking



Town documents received from Sage Schaan, Deputy Planning Director, on Sept 9.

Use Permit application was filed on Aug 5, 2022


Canada Corners CUP Amendment lrt


By Jorgenson, Siegel, McClure & Flegel Attorneys.  This is the most significant document, which is copied in the Use Permit Application and the Variance Application below.  This is a twisted rational and excuses on how the increased parking is in compliance with the Town General Plan.   This is the one that is most important.


Use Permit Application


Received Aug 5, 2022.  Dave Tanner is the applicant.  This is the formal application with references answers provided by Jorgenson, Siegel, and McClure & Flegel Attorneys document noted above.


Variance Application


This is the standard variance application with references to the answers provided by Jorgenson, Siegel, McClure & Flegel Attorneys document noted above


 ASRB2022-0022 - Incomplete Letter - 09-02-22 with all attachments signed


This is a list of all the incomplete issues to be updated in the parking plan.  There are a lot of issues to be addressed


Cliff Bechtel Letter 07-15-22


This is a response to a few questions on the submitted plans.  Discussion of sizes of parking spaces.


Planning Application


This is the formal application to ASRB and Planning Commission for a public hearing for CUP and zoning changes. Dave Tanner is the applicant





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