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February 2, 2022 - A formal complaint was filed with the Town regarding the excess seating at the Bakery, that was causing parking congestion and traffic problems.

 For months the Town ignored this complaint.

Why has the Town been following bad advice from the Town Attorney?

Why is the Town deferring to the wealthy corporation that runs the Bakery and the property owner to the detriment of the citizens and tax payers?




June 28, 2022 - Months after the above complaint was filed with the Town, the Town Attorney finally replied with the below, which was not correct. The Temporary CUP did NOT eliminate the seating limit requirement of the original CUP.



Spring and Summer 2022- The Town Attorney continued to incorrectly state the seating limits were not enforceable because of the Emergency CUP due to COVID. 

This was wrong advice and allowed this illegal violation to continue, causing many issues for local citizens. 


Sept 27, 2022 - Finally a copy of the Temporary CUP was provided, and it became apparent that the Town Attorney gave incorrect advice.  The below was sent in but never directly replied to.  It clearly states that the seating limits shall remain in full effect.




Oct 28, 2022 - Still no direct response from the Town Attorney regarding her bad advice.  The below is the response from the Town Attorney regarding the "subcommittee" efforts on the parking and congestion problems.  Essentially it admits that she incorrectly interpreted  that the seating limits were not enforceable due to the  Emergency ordnance. Now  the Town Council is failing to enforce the seating limits which continues to create much of the problems of today.  Why is the Town Council will continuing  to ignore the law and allow this violation to continue? Why does the Town Council consider following the law to be voluntary?




Oct 28, 2022 - The below report from the "subcommittee" was attached to the letter from the Town Attorney.  As can be seen, it only addresses the Supply of parking.  Nothing is said regarding Demand, which would be resolved by requiring the Bakery to comply with the legal  limit of 70 seats.  Having too many seats means too much demand for parking.



Nov 3, 2022 - Response to Town Attorney and the Town Council regaridng the bad advice from the Town Attorney and  complaing about the failure to enforce the seating limits. 





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