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Conditional Use Permit History

The Residential lot was dedicated to Open Space in 1979



After extensive research, the team has was able to gather the documents proving that the residential lot that was the subject of Measure A was dedicated to open space back in 1980, and can not paved over for parking.


Over the years, the owners of Canada Corners have continually pressed to expand the center and restaurants,.  The owner  develops a plan, and requests the Town to develop and issue a Conditional Use Permit (CUP), specifying the details of what is permitted. There have been a number of CUP's over the years.


CUP - 1979 - Expand  parking, construct hardware store, dedicate open space.


In 1979 George Roberts requested to expand  the retail business significantly to add the hardware store and the building with :Emily Joubert and beauty parlor..  The 1979 CUP allowed part of the residential lot to be used for parking and the rest was required to be dedicated to open space. Attached are notes from the Planning Commission meeting: and below is the significant condition requiring dedication of open space/conservation easement.





CUP_1979 - Dedication to Open Space


As a result of the CUP of 1979, a significant portion of the residential lot was dedicated to open space.  The open space/conservation easement was recorded in San Mateo Recorders office on July 8, 1980.   Measure A does not change this designation.  Below is the Assessors Parcel map showing the lines of the open space area.  Inside the dotted line box is where the parking was permitted.  The double dashed lines indicates the location of the equestrian trail.  There is another equestrian trail easement going up to Canada Road, that is not shown.



Below is the aerial view of the lot in the same orientation as the parcel map,  with the red dotted line showing the approximate location of the easement.  Inside the lines is parking.  Everything outside that area is open space.



Attached are the 13 pages of the formal dedication of the easement as recorded in the San Mateo County Recorders office back in 1980.  It specified that no improvements are to be constructed, and the natural growth and trees can not be cut or removed.  So it can not be used for parking


Canada Corners Easement Dedication from County Recorder


Town Council resolution accepting the open space easement and a conservation easement.  


Open link for document:


Resolution No 1980-3328 and Open Space Easement, Conservation Easement, Deeds of Easement


Several sections of interest in the document.





Additional information on Section 51061 will be provided later at this site.




CUP November 2016 - Bakery Expansion


In the Planning Commission  review on Nov 2, 2016  to allow the expansion of the Bakery restaurant, they ignored regulations that specified how many parking spaces are required for restaurant operations.


The below analysis was done by the Planning Director.  During the daytime hours of 6 am to 6 pm, the Bakery is allowed 70 seats, which requires 28 parking places.  The analysis clearly shows there is a deficit of 14 spaces during this time.  This explains why parking has been such a problem since the Bakery opened in 2017.  These objections were brought up in the meetings, but ignored by the Planning Commission.  Parking was not a problem in the old days with the old Woodside Bakery operating in that spot. 





The full staff report for the planning commission meeting is available at:

Planning Commission Nov 2, 2016 Report



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